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"This is a brilliant song performance from California based rock Goddess Lakotah. Her lyrics are heart wrenching and message well received! Her vocals sweep through this recording with passion and serious grip."

- Danie Cortese, DCE International

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It is clear that Lakotah exudes such confidence in her singular aesthetic vision that she can be herself, without fear of borders or boundaries. And that is exactly what she does on this track. Lakotah is the kind of artist who takes the lead and lets others come along for the ride, rather than simply playing to the whims and trends of the marketplace or banking on gimmickry.

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I'm happy to report that LAKOTAH's follow-up to 'Heaven's Own' sends the that former track home packing. It's the defining highlight of LAKOTAH's contemporary catalog, and an excellent release worth downloading.

The instrumentation backing those vocals is equally as eloquent, thus manifesting into a terrific, entirely original experience.

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"I absolutely LOVE Lakotah's music!..she is definitely deserving of a feature!"

"In the 26 years I've owned 4th Street Recording, I have learned that artists like Lakotah are few and far between. She is the real thing. And this album delivers; she is at the top of her game, with sinewy melodies and intricate arrangements and clever songwriting.

"The Maker" is as big and full and dramatic and rich as the name would indicate. I felt a deep rolling spell cast over me, with aural delights and breathtaking performance. The forces of light and dark slither over you and you are compelled to move your hips."

Kathleen Wirt
Owner of the legendary 4th Street Recording Studio in Santa Monica, CA

"I've had the pleasure of featuring Lakotah, the artist, on my radio station. Listeners approve, she is amazing! The International airwaves are delighted. Be sure to check her out.!"

Tom Lambert Producer/ Presenter
The Independent Music Show
"syndicated to over 850+ radio stations"

"I have had the pleasure of promoting Lakotah, a brilliant singer-songwriter, based in California, for several months now. The response from the International media has been nothing but astounding. As a Top 40 billboard artist and captivating entertainer, there is no doubt in my mind, that this young lady will leave her mark in the industry. She has captured an essence of personal style through her genre that is unlike any other. She is lovely to work with and is backed by a wonderful management team. It is just a matter of time before she becomes a household name. To truly experience Lakotah, is to see her LIVE. Backed by an all star cast of highly credited musicians, her show is none other than 'breathtaking'."

Danie Cortese
Celebrity Publicist & Music Promoter
DCE International

"A Los Angeles based artist and certified "star in the making", Lakotah is a blossoming champion of thunderous alt-rock that is tinged with a heavy EDM sound."

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The Out of Friend Zone on UBN Radio

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