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Broken 8 Records

Lakotah is an artist on a creative tier of her very own.

A Billboard charting artist and talented alt-rock visionary, Lakotah has become a fixture of LA's independent scene, delivering powerful, immersive pieces that hit with intensity, heart, and plenty of electronic flourishes.

Her latest release, ‘Silver Eyes' is packed with a familiar intensity, delivering a bold, hypnotic sound that shifts organically, capturing a restless, ephemeral quality that will stay with you long after the song has ended. Depicting a timeless journey of self-discovery, it's a release that is as personal as it is widely accessible. Tipped as a "surprisingly dark-tinged pop song with a very eerie major tonality that is both catchy and equally haunting," the new track is everything we've come to love about Lakotah and more, offering textured instrumentals and heartfelt lyrics that speak right to the heart.

-Thomas Bedward Broken 8 Records

"Blistering musical arrangement and unwavering vocal skills have united in the latest track by none other than Lakotah. The artist is well revered for her dynamic musical approach however, she is mostly known as the queen of rock. The latest track is the greatest example of her creative persona and unparallel singing skills. Her ethereal vocal tone meanders through every soundscape and adds more to the tracks. The weight and gritty in her voice are well complemented with the intoxicating grooves of rock."

-Issurewire Los Angeles, California